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 Bringing Mental Health First Aid skills to your country. 


Become a Licensed Mental Health First Aid Provider

Mental Health First Aid International is proactively seeking to work with values-aligned not-for-profit organisations to increase the reach and impact of the Mental Health First Aid program globally. As a guide, organisations have to demonstrate the following for further consideration as a prospective Mental Health First Aid Licensed Provider:

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Sustainable Funding

Prospective licensed providers must have a business and funding model that provides necessary start-up funding to cover up to 12 months of operating costs. This will cover the time needed to tailor, translate and develop teaching materials from our core curriculum in addition to the piloting of MHFA courses that are suitable for the local context.

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National Delivery

Prospective licensed providers need to have sufficient capacity and a distribution model or network to be able to deliver the MHFA program nationally over time, rather than in just one city or region.

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Research & Evaluation

Prospective licensed providers need to demonstrate a commitment to research and evaluation. Preferably this will include an existing relationship with a University or relevant Government agency that will support the evaluation of MHFA training in country.

Eligibility Criteria

Organisations interested to license the MHFA Program must meet the
following criteria:

Eligibility criteria
  • Be a registered not-for-profit or social enterprise.
  • Demonstrate an alignment with the vision, mission and goals of Mental Health First Aid International.
  • Have appropriate staff and/or personnel available to successfully tailor, develop and
  • disseminate the Mental Health First Aid Program (e.g. project manager, curriculum developers, content experts, business development, administration, finance and marketing teams) in your country.
  • Have sufficient start-up funding and resources to pilot and roll out the MHFA Program nationwide.
  • Have a clear funding model in your country that will sustain the MHFA Program long-term.
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience training professional Educators/Instructors and the development and delivery of education programs.
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience successfully marketing education programs and campaigns to attract and retain target audiences.
  • Have existing working relationships with other national mental health support agencies and organisations.
  • Demonstrated research and evaluation experience and/or a commitment to evaluate the effectiveness of the MHFA program in your country.
  • Able to provide Organisational annual reports with financial statements for the previous three financial years.
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Receiving the Guide

If your organisation meets the above mentioned criteria and you would like to receive a copy of our Guide to Licensing the Mental Health First Aid Program, please email

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