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Global Presence

Mental Health First Aid International (MHFA International) is the founding organisation and global authority on Mental Health First Aid.

We represent an international network of independent Licensed Providers working together to deliver practical mental health first aid training and education. Together we have over 67,000 Instructors and have delivered training to over 6 million people across 29 countries, who have joined our global movement of Mental Health First Aiders.

The MHFA Program has been adapted for use in those other countries and rigorous evaluations have contributed to its international uptake.

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Accredited Global Mental Health First Aid Providers

To explore the MHFA Provider you would like to see, either click on the above map or select from the list of countries below. 


Established – 2000

MHFA Australia

No. of Instructors: 3,272
No. of MHFAiders: 1,291,892


Established – 2020

Pro Mente Austria

No. of Instructors: 68
No. of MHFAiders: 3,329


Established – 2015

MHFA Bangladesh

No. of Instructors: 62
No. of MHFAiders: 2,193


Established – 2006

MHFA Canada –  Mental Health Commission of Canada

No. of Instructors: 1,776
No. of MHFAiders: 680,916


Established – 2009

Psykiatrifonden (Danish Mental Health Foundation)

No. of Instructors: 68
No. of MHFAiders: 4,786


Established – 2009

MHFA England

No. of Instructors: 4,756
No. of MHFAiders: 677,000


Established – 2008

Mieli Mental Health Finland

No. of Instructors: 356
No. of MHFAiders: 22,090


Established – 2018

Premiers Secours en Sante Mentale France

No. of Instructors: 780
No. of MHFAiders: 66,920


Established – 2018

MHFA Ersthelfer

No. of Instructors: 219
No. of MHFAiders: 21,038

Hong Kong, China and Macau

Established – 2009

Mental Health Association of Hong Kong

No. of Instructors: 632
No. of MHFAiders: 93,577


Estalished- 2017

MHFA India – Adult
No. of Instructors: 13
No. of MHFAiders: 3,258

MPower Minds – Youth and Teen
No. of Instructors: 17
No. of MHFAiders: 1,401


Established – 2014

MHFA Ireland / Saint John of God Hospital

No. of Instructors: 95
No. of MHFAiders: 17,713


Established – 2020

OGEN – Association for the Advancement of Mental Health

No. of Instructors: 14
No. of MHFAdiers: 1,319

Established – 2008

MHFA Japan

No. of Instructors: 30
No. of MHFAiders: 907


Established – 2020

D’Ligue, Service Information & Prévention

No. of Instructors: 43
No. of MHFAiders: 4,327

Established – 2018

Malaysian Mental Health Association

No. of Instructors: 15
No. of MHFAiders: 3,301


Established – 2014

Richmond Foundation Malta

No. of Instructors: 18
No. of MHFAiders: 8,235


Established – 2015

MHFA Nederland

No. of Instructors: 127
No. of MHFAiders: 16,318

New Zealand

Established – 2021

Te Pou

No. of Instructors: 88
No. of MHFAiders: 4,577

Northern Ireland

Established – 2008

Public Health Agency Northern Ireland

No. of Instructors: 19
No. of MHFAiders: 18,747

Saudi Arabia

Established – 2012

National Committee for Mental Health Promotion /
Phone: +966 11 8800865 / ext: 132

No. of Instructors: 55
No. of MHFAiders: 2,597


Established – 2007

Public Health Scotland

No. of Instructors: 325
No. of MHFAiders: 64,453


Established – 2023


No. of MHFAiders: 59


Established – 2022

Liga za duševné zdravie SR

No. of MHFAiders: 91


Established – 2010

National Center for Prevention of Mental Ill-Health at Karolinska Institutet /

070-616 23 99

No. of Instructors: 1,146
No. of MHFAiders: 48,195


Established – 2018

Ensa / Pro Mente Sana

No. of Instructors: 238
No. of MHFAiders: 12,212

United Arab Emirates

Established – 2017

The Lighthouse Arabia

No. of Instructors: 12
No. of MHFAiders: 4,574

United States

Established – 2007

National Council for Mental Wellbeing

No. of Instructors: 32,484
No. of MHFAiders: 3,443,578


Established- 2007

MHFA Wales

No. of Instructors: 287
No. of MHFAiders: 25,151

MHFA Programs Currently in Development

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